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Experienced linguistics tutor and English teacher

I’m a Linguistics and English language consultant who has been supporting students, businesses, and curious people since 2004.
Role: Prof.
Age: 38
Sexe: M
Sujets enseignés: Linguistique, Anglais , Histoire - autres sujets, Psichologie - autres sujets, Autre langues
Qualifications: - MA Linguistics, University of Toronto (focus: Phonology)
- Trained in all major fields of Linguistics, including Phonetics, Phonology, Morphology, Syntax, Semantics, Pragmatics, Sociolinguistics, Field Linguistics, Historical Linguistics, Cognitive Linguistics, Psycholinguistics, Language Acquisition
- BA Linguistics, University of Toronto, with minors in Classical History and Music History
- TESL/TEFL certification for English education
Langues parlées: Anglais, Français
Niveau éducation: Master
Niveaux d'enseignement: Secondaire, Collège/Université
Taif/heure (€) min: 27 max: 35
Details sur tarif et payments: per session: $40 for 1 hour, $70 for 2 hours, $90 for 3 hours
Table horaires: Mon-Thu 8am-10pm ET Fri 8am-8pm ET Sat 10am-8pm ET Sun 12-10pm ET
Pays: Canada         Etat/Région: Ontario
Zip Code: M6R2N4
Distance max: 16 Km
Mode: Tous
Expérience: - Tutored Linguistics throughout studies at the University of Toronto
- Taught Linguistics classes during Masters program at the University of Toronto
- Advanced knowledge of Phonetics and Phonology
- Comprehensive knowledge of the English language
- Deep understanding of spelling, grammar, and word usage, with knowledge of etymology
- Experience as a naming consultant, providing context and advice for baby names, business names, and personal name changes
- Has been teaching English (ESL) since 2004
- Has been a professional proofreader since 2008
- Skilled at student organization and time management
- Wide general knowledge of history, culture, and science
- Able to explain difficult concepts in plain language
- Helpful teacher attitude
N° années d'expérience: 15
Occupation actuel: professeur en ligne
Raison pour enseigner: Emploi primaire
Disponible à être embauché: Oui
Temps depuis la derniere visite: 6 mois (2018-09-19 00:37 UTC)