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English, Mathematics and Sciences tutor

I am a super intelligent tutor with over 6 years of experience, I teach Mathematics, English Language, French Language, Biology and all forms of Sciences. I enjoy teaching, it is my life. I am currently undergoing MSc in Medical Microbiology.

My classes are usually activity based and student centered. I employ both visual and audio methodologies for different categories of learners. I use instructional materials to make my lessons interactive and enriching. I believe in not just teaching alone, but for each lesson, I inspire my students and guide them in developing their knowledge on each topic. My teaching methodologies are generally simple but challenging.

I enjoy seeing my students make good grades and excelling in their academic endeavors.
Role: Prof.
Age: 32
Sexe: F
Sujets enseignés: Biologie, Génétique, Mathématiques, Pharmacologie, Anglais , Français
Qualifications: Bachelor of Technology in Microbiology
Langues parlées: Anglais, Français
Niveau éducation: Étudiant master
Niveaux d'enseignement: Secondaire
Taif/heure (€) min: 8 max: 25
Details sur tarif et payments: $20 per hour
Table horaires: Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 10:00pm
Pays: Nigeria         Etat/Région: Rivers
Zip Code:
Distance max: Plus de 32 Km
Mode: Tous
Expérience: Teaching
N° années d'expérience: 7
Occupation actuel: Professeur d'école
Raison pour enseigner: Aider les autres
Disponible à être embauché: Oui
Temps depuis la derniere visite: 2 mois (2020-09-12 15:49 UTC)