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French/English tutor

Hello there :)
Learn french or English in a fun way ,
I always listen to your needs first and adapt my teaching to respond to your best interest
From practicing conversation, to improving your skills or get ready for a trip , an exam I’ll be 100% supporting you
Role: Prof.
Age: 31
Sexe: F
Sujets enseignés: Français, Anglais
Qualifications: Hi there , I’m louise a native french , I live between Paris and New York and I’ve been tutoring since two years now to groups, kids, adults, private sessions.
I enjoy teaching french and English in a fun way, as I’m an artist as well, I like to use creative techniques to make your experience of learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience
Langues parlées: Français, Anglais
Niveau éducation: Université
Niveaux d'enseignement: Collège/Université
Taif/heure (€) min: 23 max: 32
Details sur tarif et payments: 25= just conversation 35= grammar conjugaison explainations
Table horaires:
Pays: France         Etat/Région:
Zip Code:
Distance max: Seulement en ligne ou chez l'enseignant
Mode: En ligne, Email, Téléphone
Expérience: 2 years teaching and animating group sessions including : reading french poetry, conjugaison, grammar, prononciation , conversation, creating situations . The groups started with beginner level and are now medium advanced .
1 year of teaching to an advanced group of adults in french
1 year of private tutoring to a 5 years old
2 years of Private tutoring to adults, including translation, prononciation, question, negative form, all temps, reading , speaking, writing .
N° années d'expérience: 2
Occupation actuel: Autre
Raison pour enseigner: Aider les autres
Disponible à être embauché: Oui
Temps depuis la derniere visite: 1 année (2018-07-30 13:34 UTC)