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Certified tutor with 8 years of experience (French, English, Chinese)


My name is Nicolas, I'm a French national currently living in Asia. I graduated university from a business and management school in France, and I have also spent time studying English and Chinese at different language universities. I am a native speaker of French, but also fluent in English and Chinese.
Role: Prof.
Age: 32
Sexe: M
Sujets enseignés: Français, Chinois (mandarin), Anglais , Dessin , Arts martiaux, auto-Défense, Entraînement personnel
Qualifications: bts management and business
certification foreign language english chinese
pdacademia positive discipline
National black belt certification
Langues parlées: Anglais, Français, Chinois (Mandarin)
Niveau éducation: Étudiant master
Niveaux d'enseignement: Intermédiaire
Taif/heure (€) min: 17 max: 34
Table horaires:
Pays: France         Etat/Région: lot
Zip Code: 46090
Distance max: Plus de 32 Km
Mode: Tous
Expérience: I have been working in an international school in Taipei for 6 years. During this time, I have also worked part-time as a French tutor. The students I teach (children and adults) have a range of backgrounds, from beginner to advanced level. My teaching approach depends on your needs and goals, and I am able to use a lot of different techniques (stories, games, school exercises, books etc.)
N° années d'expérience: 8
Occupation actuel: professeur en ligne
Raison pour enseigner: Rester actif
Disponible à être embauché: Oui
Temps depuis la derniere visite: 4 mois (2020-08-28 09:24 UTC)