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French & Food or French Food tutor

Hello there,
I am a french professional chef that loves to communicate knowledge and support people.
So I can help you and guide you through french and italian cuisine, as much as mentoring your french learning process.
Role: Prof.
Age: 28
Sexe: F
Sujets enseignés: Cuisine italienne , Cuisine française , Pâtisserie, Cuisine, aliments et boisson - autres sujets, Français
Qualifications: After years and years of hard work and experience in different kitchens, I am now managing two restaurant kitchens, which is a daily challenge and a constant learning, that I am willing to share.
My mother tongue being french and having a bachelor degree education, I am comfortable with the french language.
Langues parlées: Anglais, Français
Niveau éducation: Université
Niveaux d'enseignement: Collège/Université
Taif/heure (€) min: 18 max: 24
Details sur tarif et payments: Depending on the level and financial situation of the tutored
Table horaires:
Pays: Germany         Etat/Région:
Zip Code: 10245
Distance max: 32 Km
Mode: Tous
N° années d'expérience: 6
Occupation actuel: Professionnel
Raison pour enseigner: Aider les autres
Disponible à être embauché: Non
Temps depuis la derniere visite: 8 mois (2020-03-22 17:18 UTC)